The new scene from Broke Straight Boys with Topher Dimaggio

17.09.14 / Broke Straight Boys, Topher Dimaggio / Author: / Comments: (0)

Plot, flashback, sex, back to the plot. That’s kind of how Broke Straight Boys part two works out. This is the second instalment of the engaging new series from Drill My Hole and here we have Bobby Clark returning as the central character, and he is matched up against Topher Dimaggio. You might remember, from part one, that there’s something going on here: guys are out for revenge and after the first scene, right at the end of a very nice sexy episode, Topher appeared out of the blue. We pick up in part two where we left off in part one with Bobby chasing Topher Dimaggio (or is it the other way around?) into the forest. They catch up with each other and there’s some exposition and we learn what might be driving Bobby’s desire for revenge. I won’t spoil the story for you as I know you’re going to want to go and see for yourself.

But after that quick intro to the scene we get into flashback mode as the two guys remember what things were like before they split up. We’re still in the forest where the two guys are running, catching each other again, but this time in a passionate way. They soon start getting down and dirty together among the exotic trees. Topher goes down on Bobby and starts sucking his nuts as Bobby gets himself hard. His blonde pubes are neatly trimmed, his cut cock is standing out hard and proud as Topher Dimaggio starts to suck on it. The forest soon starts to echo to the sounds of gasps and grunts, slurps and kisses as the two guys swap places.

Now Bobby sucks on Topher’ eight inch uncut man toy, and that’s a mighty monster for sure. The oral section of this flashback goes on just long enough to get us all hard and horny and with our hands reaching down to our pants. But then, just when you think you’re going to have to shoot or explode, we move indoors where Topher starts to rim his lover. He spreads his smooth ass cheeks and points his tongue right at his sensitive hole. When he burrows it into that puckered entrance Booby can’t help but call out in ecstasy. And then, when he lowers his wet straight boys ass over the thick eight inches he makes even more noise. And who can blame him?

The scene moves into hardcore mode with a good, long and often noisy anal fuck section which finally ends with two nice cum shots, both pretty noisy. But then we cut straight back to the present day where the same two guys, having just wound themselves up with the memory, start kissing again. But this time they are seen by a third man, and he doesn’t look happy.

What’s going on? Who was he? What will happen next? This is a classic case of, ‘To be continued on the Broke Straight Boys Tube…’