Final episode of Broke Straight Boys with Topher Dimaggio

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This is it, the final episode of Men For Sale. Broke Straight Boys usually has a few series happening at the same time, this one just happens to have a story line. In part 2 we learned that someone was kidnapped. Jarec Wentworth and Topher Dimaggio are searching for him and managed to trick their way into the den of bad-guy Dirk Caber. Dirk is the mastermind behind the human trafficking ring that has been taking innocent hunky men and using them to make himself rich. Men with lots of money to spend pay a fortune to pump the asses of these gorgeous hunks in a basement in some random building. Topher Dimaggio and Jarec have made it their mission to stop all the kidnapping and sex for sale games Dirk is playing. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Our two hunks were caught, and are all tied up at the moment.

Topher Dimaggio and Jarec sit all tied up in this basement. They are busy plotting their escape when in walks Dirk. They put their plan into action and break the ropes binding them. For some reason sex becomes a part of this escape plan and soon our two hunks are joined by Dirk in a wonderful threesome broke boy orgy.

The plot kind of falls to the wayside as you become wrapped up in the sex. At first the kissing and touching are so very soft and tender. But, this is, and you know there is going to be some wild, kinky, and erotic sex happening within minutes. As these guys get undressed you can’t help but notice their really erotic underwear, that soon get discarded for more intimate fun. Topher Dimaggio lavishes his affection on Dirk’s cock, while Jarec is busy eating Dirk’s ass. Then it is Dirk sucking Topher Dimaggio, who is jerking off Jarec. All the possible combinations of who does what to whom is realized in the next few minutes.

Things really heat up when Topher gets bent over and is spit-roasted by two super hard dicks. You think “this is the end” as all three hunky men begin speeding up what they are doing. It appears they are all getting ready to shoot off their loads. However, things are changing again: this time Dirk becomes the middle man and we are privy to all that heaving and humping of three really wet and slick broke straight boys, groaning and gasping for air in the stillness of the sweltering basement. The close ups and longs shots of this scene are totally mind blowing.

Naturally, the climax is long and loud as each guy releases his own load of cum. Now it is time for winding down and getting back to the plot. Do our guys save the innocent kidnapped victim? Has he been taken somewhere else? Will Dimaggio and Jarec be able to transition from the hardcore sex into heroes able to overtake Dirk and escape? The answers are included in Men For Sale, part 3, but you will have to take the time to watch and see for yourself what the final outcome is.

The Law Of Broke Boys By Topher Dimaggio

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The Law of Men part two kicks off with a reminder of what happened in part one, kind of ‘Previously on…’ stuff. They do this because this is more than your average action movie, this has heart, soul and a complicated storyline. There is a lawyer’s office in the heart of London and in it works a cute and tattooed young man who has been given a case to represent. It’s a simple one but then again it’s not, because the older. Mentoring guys in the office want young Topher Dimaggio to do it a certain way, but our hero has other plans. Last week he fucked with a witness, literally, and we got a great horny scene, but at the end of it his witness was abducted. At the start of part two he’s back in the office and this time he’s told to go and interview a guy in prison.

This guy turns out to be one of Broke Straight Boys top models, Paul Walker. Slim, cute and hung, Paul has made over 30 movies for He gets his prison visit, during which his young lawyer demands to know what happened on the night of… And we enter into flashback mode. Here we find that Paul is sharing a hotel room with a guy we’ve not seen before. New-comer to the Men Of UK stable, Bruno Bernal; dark haired, tanned, stocky and standing at 5’4” tall against Paul’s six foot, he makes for a great contrast. And a horny one as the two of them start to make out in the hotel room.

Topher Dimaggio has the enviable task of sucking on Paul’s long boy toy as the guys make love on the bed. He’s clearly got a very open throat as he’s able to take down all of the other guy’s eight inches with ease, right down to the back of his throat so his face ends up buried in Paul’s pubes. While he is doing this Paul has started investigating his ass, and getting his blue jockey shorts off him. Dimaggio reveals himself as hard already and without any further messing around, Paul’s reaching for the condom and stocky little broke boy Bruno is on his back, offering up his virgin straight ass for the other guy.

Believe it or not we’re only 11 minutes into this scene by this point and the rest of the action movies on slowly, with plenty of anal and more blowing from Topher Dimaggio. There are great shots of him giving head, and showing us his dark, tight bubble butt at the same time. There are close ups of Paul’s eight inches slamming in and out of Bruno’s ass, hard and fast, just as we like to see, and there are two great cum shots towards the end. But then it’s back to the plot and another twist, and back to the lawyer’s office where our young suited stud is left to ponder on the evidence so far. check out his twitter account at

The new scene from Broke Straight Boys with Topher Dimaggio

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Plot, flashback, sex, back to the plot. That’s kind of how Broke Straight Boys part two works out. This is the second instalment of the engaging new series from Drill My Hole and here we have Bobby Clark returning as the central character, and he is matched up against Topher Dimaggio. You might remember, from part one, that there’s something going on here: guys are out for revenge and after the first scene, right at the end of a very nice sexy episode, Topher appeared out of the blue. We pick up in part two where we left off in part one with Bobby chasing Topher Dimaggio (or is it the other way around?) into the forest. They catch up with each other and there’s some exposition and we learn what might be driving Bobby’s desire for revenge. I won’t spoil the story for you as I know you’re going to want to go and see for yourself.

But after that quick intro to the scene we get into flashback mode as the two guys remember what things were like before they split up. We’re still in the forest where the two guys are running, catching each other again, but this time in a passionate way. They soon start getting down and dirty together among the exotic trees. Topher goes down on Bobby and starts sucking his nuts as Bobby gets himself hard. His blonde pubes are neatly trimmed, his cut cock is standing out hard and proud as Topher Dimaggio starts to suck on it. The forest soon starts to echo to the sounds of gasps and grunts, slurps and kisses as the two guys swap places.

Now Bobby sucks on Topher’ eight inch uncut man toy, and that’s a mighty monster for sure. The oral section of this flashback goes on just long enough to get us all hard and horny and with our hands reaching down to our pants. But then, just when you think you’re going to have to shoot or explode, we move indoors where Topher starts to rim his lover. He spreads his smooth ass cheeks and points his tongue right at his sensitive hole. When he burrows it into that puckered entrance Booby can’t help but call out in ecstasy. And then, when he lowers his wet straight boys ass over the thick eight inches he makes even more noise. And who can blame him?

The scene moves into hardcore mode with a good, long and often noisy anal fuck section which finally ends with two nice cum shots, both pretty noisy. But then we cut straight back to the present day where the same two guys, having just wound themselves up with the memory, start kissing again. But this time they are seen by a third man, and he doesn’t look happy.

What’s going on? Who was he? What will happen next? This is a classic case of, ‘To be continued on the Broke Straight Boys Tube…’

Shemale pornstars Sapphire Young and Sarina Valentina

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Sarina Valentina gets up onto his knees and tells Sapphire Young he wants him to him. Sapphire still looks a bit nervous but rolls a condom on and stands directly behind a bent over Valentina with his cock tapping against his entrance. Sapphire Young tells him what to do, so Sapphire inches his cock deep into Sarina’s tight asshole which makes him sigh with excitement.

Young soon forgets his nerves, and innocence, as he drives his cock wildly into his friends amazingly tight hole. He grunts and groans as he ploughs his hard dick into Valentina’s smooth crack for a while, and then she takes over as he gets Young to sit down as he rides on his cock.
Valentina can feel himself close to cumming so he gets on his back, and gets Sapphire to fuck him as hard as he can. she can’t hold back any longer and shoots his juicy cum over his smooth body whilst Young carries on fucking his ravished asshole. When Sapphire strokes on his aching hard dick, his jizz spits out fast giving Sarina Valentina a great facial as his cum spatters his handsome face all over.
Sarina is a great looking young man from Los Angeles. Since making this flick he looks even better, if that is possible, having shaved all his lovely brown hair from his head. She has an amazingly athletic, smooth body with a seven inch cut dick. He is a versatile bottom, has brown hair, brown eyes and is five feet eleven inches tall. She has starred in four hardcore movies for, and is soon to be seen in ‘Miami Beat’ where he gets a big thick dick shoved right up his asshole.

Drill My Hole with Alex Mecum and Dennis West

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When you want a new car, it’s helpful having a sex maniac in the family, especially when it’s your uncle and he is interested in your friends. Dennis West stars as the rampant Uncle and Alex Mecum stars as one of Dennis’s nephew’s handsome young men, in this great episode by Men for ‘Drill My Hole’ productions.
So far, Dennis has managed to drill two of his nephew’s friends, and is just about to get stuck into another. Dennis pays the young man to do work around the house naked, and as he watches them, his dick gest rock hard. In this episode Alex Mecum is cleaning the kitchen with no clothes on. Dennis’s eye have been glued to his naked body. When he bends over and when he has to stretch up Dennis can’t take his eyes off of his thick eight-and-a-half-inch dick. Alex tells him that he knows Dennis by reputation and he is here to clean the house, take the money and go, but he wants a shower first.
Whilst Alex is under the shower, Dennis strips naked and passes him a towel. As Alex dries himself off, Dennis strokes on his hard dick as he watches him through the glass shower divide. When Alex steps out the shower, his jaw drops as he looks at Dennis’s big hard cock in the palm of his warm hand.
Alex moves quickly forward and goes straight down on his knees and as he holds the powerful cock in his hand, he puts it in his mouth and starts sucking. Dennis sighs with pleasure and groans out loud as Alex sucks on his balls and strokes then sucks on his thick hard dick. Alex may be groaning out loud with excitement, but Dennis howls out even louder as he lies down on his back on a table, and Alex crouches down and licks his tight asshole. He can’t stop shouting out as Alex shoves the whole of his fat thumb right up his wanton asshole. Dennis strokes franticly on his cock as he yells out again as Alex stands up and pushes his dick deep into Dennis’s hot crack.
Alex drilling Dennis’s hole over the bathroom sink and before he cums too soon, they flip around and Dennis drills Alex’s young crack as he stands against the wall first, and then when Dennis sits down, Alex Mecum climbs on top of his cock and rides him like a runaway train.
It’s a great cum shot as Alex’s cum spews out of his pulsating cock and dribbles down his cock, his balls, and then drips onto Dennis who is still screwing his asshole. Dennis West stands up, and Alex is still out of breath as Dennis’s cock jerks and hot cum spills out onto Alex’s waiting tongue. He ends up swallowing the thick creamy liquid down his dry throat.
Alex Mecum is a twenty seven year old hot hunk with a great body. Hs is versatile and has a juicy thick eight and a half inch cut dick. He has short brown hair, beautiful blue eyes and is six foot tall. Alex has starred in eight hardcore movies for the website since he first started in September 2015 where over 25,000 of us horny men watched his thick dick pulverizing Colton Grey sweet tight asshole in ‘Stepbrothers Part 1.’
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A new Johnny Rapid video on a gay porn tube website

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Performed you ever have dreams bust your University Educators? Did you lust after them and consider the means issues ought to be in you getting your sinful method together with them? Would you like to encounter them alone within the showers after college and find out them in all their intimate grandeur. Lots of homosexual guys question what it might be like if an individual of the directly friends desired to have sex Jointly with all of them. This occurs to Ice and Johnny Rapid. Frost is homosexual and Johnny is right. Shane Ice is hoping to find some hot Johnny Rapid activity from Johnny. You could discover your favourite master here and you might see Johnny Rapid from afar and truly relish the opportunity to do a bit Damage on him. You simply need to get nearer. Their enormous cock was here, filling you with gay porn sexual cravings and you see that his cock was there when it’s about getting and you also Desirable a bit of it.

Possibly this didn’t happen, but with this brand new Homosexual Porn At class you can revive that fantasy also it can certainly turn you in to feel a lot better. In Material, it could be rather difficult to duplicate the gay porn tube picture in your mind and it is one thing which can enable you to be really enamoured with all the picture. Brad Kavlo is the aged and wizened piece whom is the object of Fasts wants who is able to truly make Johnny Rapid move angry with lust. He proposes that they switch in some straight porn. The videos turn out to be online on a tube. There’s an unforeseen surprise for Johnny. He’s captured and servant proprietors. He will be offered into white-slavery and bought by Ben to be their gender servant. The two males are today alone in a room filled with digital cameras. Jarce takes the direct and beginning to take Ben#8217;s materials away. Tom is now naked and Johnny Rapid is Start at their hard, lengthy cock. He takes this enormous dick and starts to deep-throat it.

The smooth younger twink begins maintaining the larger old guy and there are plenty Assessments that can be made here: small and large, old and young, smooth and hairy… So a large amount of points to compare, which truly include the picture a specific genuine experience. He enjoys it straight away. Johnny is into having his enormous Penis drawn by Shane and will maybe not ask him to end. Shane continues to pull Johnny due to the fact porn keeps enjoying. Johnny actually likes it and before he understands what just is occurring Shane is jump is butt up and down away from their dick. Ben loves this so much he strips Johnny Rapid down and requires his dick in the lips. The Men take turns sucking each other. Johnny Quick moves onto Ben#8217;s tight ass and starts to eat their hole when preparing for merely Just what is Afterward. He operates their tongue all over hole and Additionally goes inside and outside. The activity advances to the locker area exactly where Brad and Johnny Really do get right down to it and have enjoyable with one another. Rapid gets drilled by his grasp and there’s a particular energy challenge taking place that is very fascinating to watch.